I have been extremely fortunate to experience Dr. Valérie Morignat's thought-provoking keynotes on a few occasions. She blends cutting edge technology with data and a human-centric approach to the topic of AI. She is credible, knowledgable, and genuine. Her passion to improve outcomes for people by using AI in responsible and ethical ways is enlightening and contagious.
When Bill Gates was asked why he and Warren Buffet were such good friends, he responded that he had never met a person who could explain the most complex problems in the simplest terms. I am no Bill Gates, but that is exactly what over 50 of the leading Security executives said after Valérie Morignat’s keynote on “AI in Security” in Feb 2020 at the Ritz Carlton.
Valerie brings tremendous energy and insight to AI. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear her speak as she brings a unique perspective to this evolving science.
Marc Bognar, CCO Brosnan Risk Consultants
Valérie Morignat is a visionary influencer. Her corporate skills and extensive culture of AI and advanced technologies boosted innovation in all departments. She is a top-talented futurist and an amazingly skilled business leader. Her insights made remarkable contributions to Philips.
Dr. Morignat is extraordinary. She is a multitalented and experienced AI strategist genuinely dedicated to helping leaders and organizations drive value from AI and Machine Learning with ethically aligned strategies.
Garry Mathiason, Senior Partner at Littler. Founder of the Robotics, AI and Automation Practice Group.
I benefited from Valérie’s expertise at a large scale TEDMED event. She stood out with amazing capabilities in a fast pace environment. She is a top notch expert in anything AI, VR/AR, to video games and alternative virtual worlds. There seems to be no limit to her knowledge and multiple talents. I simply can’t wait to hire Valerie again!
Laurence Sarah Ainouz, CEO of Health:Augmented. Former VP Global Head, Novartis Digital Acceleration Lab.
Any business executive would be grateful for Valerie’s superior leadership in strategic development. Valerie was a key figure of our group of business leaders in the South Pacific. I was blown away by her charisma, expertise, and extraordinary ability to adjust to various environments in a very short time. Her passion is a natural driver and her invaluable knowledge a continuous source of inspiration.
Chris Delenclos, Senior Director, Aid & Relief MAERSK.
Valerie brought ideation to the interactive experiences that helped our creative group realize the true potential of the value and innovation we could bring to our clients in the digital channels. She has taken the agency's capabilities to a whole new level and value by bringing expertise in the areas of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.
Nellie Newman, MBA, CEO of The Newman Catalyst. Former executive at Giant Creative Strategy.
Valérie is an absolute standout as an executive. She blends a human-centric approach with analytical strategy, which is so necessary in AI. This instilled confidence in our clients and engaged everyone in the office. Her presence made everyone else far more confident to face the marketplace. We had a world-class leader and we were excited to let everyone know it. It's rare to see a leader excel on so many fronts.
Andrew Webb, Director of L&D at Weave HQ. Creator of MicroBehaviors Podcast.
Valérie Morignat contributed vastly to the advancement of digital innovation public initiatives in New Caledonia and in France. Her analytical intelligence, the outstanding quality of her work, her remarkable strategic insights, and her visionary talent stand along with her business acumen. As she was responsible for the design and engineering of projects directly commissioned by the Office of the President, Dr. Morignat has led with absolute mastery all projects placed under her expertise. Her professional demeanor and expertise in digital innovation and public policy have generated unparalleled opportunities for New Caledonia.
Nicolas Kurtovitch, Senior Advisor to the President of the Government of New Caledonia.
Valérie is an exceptional and versatile leader. Her absolute mastery of interactive design, coupled with her expertise in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR, and emerging technologies, make her a creative unicorn. Valerie has the unique talent of taking ideas to market. She's a mastermind who epitomizes positive energy, leads by example, respects the value and role of other players, and always works hard to collaborate for auspicious outcomes by project completion.
Simone Blake VP, Management Supervisor, Evoke.