Valerie Morignat
Dr. Valerie MorignatPh.D. (Arts & Art Sciences, Sorbonne) & MIT Certified in AI and Business Strategy and Machine Learning.


Founder and CEO of the strategy firm Intelligent Story in San Francisco, Dr. Valerie Morignat advises companies, organizations, and government agencies worldwide. She helps leaders launch scalable, ethical, and successful innovation initiatives.
Her expertise covers areas such as AI technology, strategy, education and ethics; digital innovation strategy; business strategy; instructional design and higher education curriculum development; R&D; Virtual and Augmented Reality design; responsible and inclusive HCI; product design; interactive design and storytelling; audiovisual and cinema technologies and funds; corporate and public policy design; responsible technology adoption; D&I programs.

Valerie devised forward-leaning public policy reforms supportive of digital innovation and cultural inclusiveness, built international strategic partnerships, engineered $MM research and education projects, and transferred high-value technology to the public sector. She designed the Superior School of Digital Media Design, the Audiovisual and Digital Innovation Support Fund, the Territorial Support Plan for the Creative Industries, and engineered the Creative Industries Promotion Agency of New Caledonia.

In the U.S., Valerie advises and educates leaders on responsible and inclusive AI transformation through her company Intelligent Story. She is a Founding Editorial Board Member of the Springer Journal of AI & Ethics and a contributing expert to the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. Valerie regularly serves as Ph.D. Jury Member and expert evaluator for academic research and tenure assessments in the U.S. and Canada.
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With 20 years of experience in Europe, Oceania, and the U.S. where she resides, Dr. Valerie Morignat supports the digital competitiveness of companies and public agencies through strategic consulting and creative leadership. Her strategic services focus on responsible and creative innovation, and the strategic and ethical deployment of Artificial Intelligence.


Valerie supports digital and social innovation through creative design leadership, strategic technology partnerships development, technology forecasting, D&I program design, product design and UX research, curriculum engineering, startup building, community building and multicultural positioning and program development.


An expert in AI, digital transformation, interactive design, arts and cyberculture, and cinematic arts, Valerie develops and delivers education programs and courses on creative, social, ethical, business, economic and industrial issues in robotics, AI, VR/AR, HCI, UX, visual arts, social media, and the economics of the creative industries.

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